ZENIQ Ecosystem

The ZENIQ Ecosystem combines the crypto world with the traditional financial market and with online and offline retail. This means that you can simply go out and do your daily groceries shopping and pay with the funds on your HUB. Also, if you do some online shopping, you can easily pay with your ZENIQ debit card and spend your funds on the HUB. IBAN Accounts also make it possible for users to send FIAT currencies like EUR, USD, CHF… right onto the ZENIQ HUB!
Your ZENIQ HUB is a Masternode in the own decentralized ZENIQ Ecosystem and therefore mints (produces) ZENIQ Coins every day!
The ZENIQ COIN is your share for the profit distribution from the internal exchange, meaning that you accumulate wealth and build up passive income streams just by using the ZENIQ HUB and securing your assets!
You are also participating in a market that’s going to rise up to a total value of more than 24 trillion dollars according to the world economic forum – The Tokenization Market. Due to the Blockchain and the ZENIQ business contacts all around the world – but most important to the financial institutions and investment banks in Dubai – ZENIQ will sure get a nice share of this market!
But most important, due to 2 different halvings, the ones that getting early will profit the most!
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IT industry is booming and matters the most for the foundation of the digital world. It relates to the enterprise’s collection of hardware that helps to build, test, operate, and support information technology services.

In today’s digital era, customers have expectations from IT, as this is the foundation that helps businesses become agile, service-oriented, and capable of delivering the unexpected and satisfying experience to their customers.

Safir Global DMCC is the well-known IT Hardware Company In UAE, which offers services related to IT Hardware to help the business meet its steps with the digital world.

We are all set to integrate our extensive, rich industry experience and knowledge to help our clients extract maximum value from their IT investment.